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Our team of professionals will work together with you to ascertain all aspects of a projects' scope before construction begins. 

Rest assured that anytime our professional project managers, glaziers, and ironworkers are on-site, they will keep the safety, security, and protection of your property, public personnel, tenants and visitors are the highest priority while they perform their work for Christopher Glass Services. 

With a full array of construction equipment available quickly, we can be flexible and responsive to any need that your building may have at a moment's notice.

Whatever the problem, we will get it fixed with speed and done right the first time.

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Proactive Solutions

With a mix of historic, iconic and modern buildings, Chicago and the surrounding areas, have a great need to choose Christopher Glass Services for all glass, glazing and metal needs. 

No other Chicagoland company offers the broad spectrum of services required to restore, repair, engineer, and update your building to today's' codes and standards.

If you are challenged to reduce facility and building operating costs, Christopher Glass Services can help. We provide highly-skilled, cross-trained professionals powered by best-in-class practices and the latest technology, and will consistently deliver customized solutions for your building.

As a specialty service contractor, we proactively work to mitigate many of the issues buildings face, whether they are related to windows, curtain walls, skylights, doors of all types, glass, glazing or metal needs. Rejuvenating your building's exterior is our specialty. Using the latest in testing technology and a bare-knuckles approach to forensics helps us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to even your toughest problems.



Rest assured that anytime our professional glaziers and ironworkers are on-site, they will keep the Safety, Security, and Protection of your property, public personnel, tenants, and visitors as the highest priority while they perform their work for Christopher Glass Services. Our record on safety and quality after over 39 years of work is a clear illustration of our ability to perform safely, efficiently, and with minimal impact on your operations, facilities, equipment, and personnel.

With a full array of construction equipment available quickly, Christopher Glass Services can be flexible and responsive to any need that your building may have at a moment's notice. Whatever the problem, we will get it fixed with speed and done right the first time. Glass Repair Reglazing Window Replacement  High Rise Replacement Board Up  Door Hardware Skylight Repair Replacement


We are aware that broken glass or a failing system could quickly become a life-safety issue. It is for that reason that Christopher Glass Services works quickly to extinguish any threat to people in or around your building. We offer excellent project management, exceptional craftsmanship, and minimal disruption of day-to-day activities. We work in partnership with you to make sure our work is done on time, on budget, and safely.

Our dedication to safety is reflected in the numerous safety awards we have received from organizations like the Association of Subcontractors & Affiliates. Criteria for the numerous Excellence in Safety Awards we received included OSHA 300 Logs, Experience Modification Ratings, OSHA Citations, and GHS Hazmat training. 

Our Union workforce is talented and motivated. Their livelihood hinges on the quality of work that they produce, which results in a high level of dedication and quality on your project. Research has proven that union construction is of higher quality than non-union.



Christopher Glass Services, Inc. pledges to provide unparalleled quality and customer service. We work hard to earn the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers, partner vendors, and fellow employees. We like to work as a team and to create an environment where people enjoy their work and are treated with respect. We know that our success is based on how well we all work together. We take pride in our working partnership with owners, managers, administrators, agents, architects, consultants, and contractors.

We truly care about our clients and their needs. We value the relationships built upon years of trust and providing excellent service with great attention to detail in our work.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification


ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies).

The adoption of a quality management system is a strategic decision for an organization that can help to improve its overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives. The benefits of implementing a quality management system based on the International Standards are a) the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; b) facilitating opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction; c) addressing risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives; d) the ability to demonstrate conformity to specifies quality management system requirements.

We apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to all processes and to the quality management system as a whole.

— Plan: establish the objectives of the system and its processes, and the resources needed to deliver results in accordance with customers' requirements and the organization's policies, and identify and address risks and opportunities;

— Do: implement what was planned;

— Check: monitor and (where applicable) measure processes and the resulting products and services against policies, objectives, requirements and planned activities, and report the results;

— Act: take actions to improve performance, as necessary.